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Re: hidden composites

   I wrote:

   >> I have AMFMs (and the sets of design AFMs needed) for Nueva and Tekton,
   >> my two Multiple Master fonts, so I can vouch for their reality. Getting
   >> AMFMs for Nueva required a contact in Adobe. It certainly looks like
   >> Adobe doesn't want to bother with them any more.

   ... and Thierry Bouche <thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr> replied:
   > do you mean that they don't even consider people willing to use MM
   > fonts without acces to some flavour of ATM?

   That's about the size of it. The platforms without ATM are a tiny
   percentage of Adobe's business, so it's little surprise if support is
   inaqequate for those platforms.

   Chris, from Adobe Technical Support told me:

   < You are correct; our ftp site does not include all AFM files. We are no
   < longer updating that list, as we get very few requests for AFM files.
   < Most applications no longer need them.

   *sigh*      Melissa.

The AFM files for Adobe fonts are most conveniently found on the
`Type on Call' (TOC 4.1) CD-ROM (which is also the most convenient
way of buying there fonts - in fact its hard to get some packages
on diskette now).  You have to grovel around to find them though
since they are `hidden' files and arganized in sub-directories
based on the font package number or first letter (I forget which)

regards, berthold.