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Re: hlcdy.tfm (Lucida psfonts)

   From: "Hermann Lauer" <Hermann.Lauer@IWR.Uni-Heidelberg.De>

   Hello TeX-Users,

   I recognized yesterday that the file:


   (CTAN-server) is not a tfm file, but a uuencoded file. I uudecoded it and can
   use it now as a tfm File, but I have no idea wether it's correct now or not.

   Or should I use other Files for the lucida Fonts ?

Actually, the best way to use the Lucida fonts is with the metrics
that come with the fonts.  That way you avoid needing to download yet
another branch of CTAN  (unless you are talking about the old
Adobe Lucida maybe?)

Regards, Berthold.