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replacement CTAN fonts/psfonts/tools

After a period of email battering, I have given in, and revamped
(slightly) the tools I use to create PostScript font metrics for
TeX. These are stored in fonts/psfonts/tools on CTAN.

What I have done is:

 - generally clear up, and add some new targets to the Makefile
 - rewrite the remaining shell script in Perl
 - go over the Perl scripts, and make them work only with web2c 7.0
   (ie they call kpsewhich)
 - test the whole thing under Windows NT, to get away from basic Unix
 - put better messages into finst, my unofficial hack of fontinst
 - added my name and email address to finst files.

The results are *UNCHANGED*, I sincerely hope. Prove me wrong, if you

What I have _not_ done is:

 - alter the workings of finst in any way
 - added any new documentation
 - sorted out the remaining checksum issues which Piet T and I know so
I should add that I have no plans to write documentation.