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Re: fontinst/mathptm: bug in OMX.etx

--text follows this line--
whoops. i will update finst on CTAN. guess i should rebuild mathptm at
some point too.

as regards maintenance, i am pragmatically maintaining "finst" on my
own, since Alan doesn't have time to do fontinst at present. i can and
will make changes to finst, such as this fix and the logging
enhancements i added recently, and i have to recommend that people use
it in preference to the official package.

as rowland-and-rebecca will point out, we are in the unsatisfactory
position that the package used to generate a lot of metrics on CTAN
(finst) has no documentation, and the documentation of `proper'
fontinst is slightly out of date.

Alan, the ball is in your court on this one.....