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Re: fontinst/mathptm: bug in OMX.etx

>Rebecca and Rowland writes:
> > Hmm - well, I can do things to the documentation if someone can answer my
> > questions - and there seems to be a volunteer for that (but you might like
> > to check with Sebastian before committing yourself on this one).  Is there
>this is code for `expect a constant barrage of email whinging', Alan


> > anyone who could do something to clean things up etc?
> >
>i am happy to do whatever is specified in terms of code, probably with
>advice from others


>i suggest that if R&R has the time, he should go ahead and try and
>produce a revised documentation set

Ungh - I'll give it a go.  I'm not really short of time at the moment; I am
short of days on which I'm sane enough to do anything constructive.  But
the only way to see what happens is to give it a go.

Is anyone interested in giving me feedback on what I write, and/or ideas on
what needs to be in the documentation and/or changes needed to what's
currently available?

> (asking questions on this list or
>the fontinst list if it still exists),

If this list exists, could anyone provide details of where it is and how to

> and i will make changes to the
>code as required