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Re: [Mark Leisher <mleisher@crl.nmsu.edu>: Unicode BDF fonts available]

Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote:

   >> Too bad its in some obscure 100dpi bitmapped format :-)

   I think the posting said BDF, which is the standard distribution
   format for X Window System fonts.  Take a look at

Oh, I know :-), I was trying to be sarcastic (note the emoticon in my
earlier message).  But anyway, isn't it about time that X Windows
provide better font support?  Isn't it about time that Unix provide
system-level scalable outline font support?  So we can avoid all the
incompatibilities, and complex installation instructions that differ 
for each application?  

I know Sun ditched the very nice F3 format, and then got taken by
Adobe on the T1 rasterizer they bought, and seem to totally at sea
when it comes to fonts these days, but surely somebody can move forward...