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Re: What's the relationship between vfs and tfms?

   From: Werner Lemberg <sx0005@sx2.hrz.uni-dortmund.de>

   > Oh?  That *is* what we are talking about isn't it?  Do you know another
   > implementation that works this way?

   I think that all PS TeX tools will check psfonts.map; so do pstopk and
   gsftopk which are e.g. called by xdvi to do the job.

I thought he was talking about TeX Systems.  Also, I note that OzTeX uses
a table in a different format, as does GhostView and Textures.

   > Well, for text fonts, the actual font file *always* says Adobe Standard
   > Encoding.  And yes, you never want to use that.  So you *do* have to
   > reencode the font anyway.  Which was my point.  If you have to reencode
   > it anyway, why bother with an additional shuffling of character codes?

   At least Type 1 fonts have only one encoding. CID PS fonts and TTF fonts
   can have any number of encodings...

Not sure what this means. (1) You can reencode a T1 font to anything you want.
It is actually hard to reencode a TT font. (2) If you consider
different platforms then indeed the T1 font has several different encodings
(Windows ANSI, Mac standard roman, ISO Latin 1), as does a TT font
(except that many TT fonts do not have the required tables - e.g. Apple's TT
fonts lack the Windows tables).

   Unicode is quite useless for TeX. Omega is a different story.