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Re: What's the relationship between vfs and tfms?

Concernant « Re: What's the relationship between vfs and tfms? », Berthold K.P. Horn écrit :
« I was not taking about something so complex.  

we were talking of the current fontinst, it _does_ fake T1 glyphs that
miss in t1 fonts. If we have this possibility, i don't see why we
should avoid it: then we'd need a CTAN area for `national' users, one
for `not too foreign' ones--happy with adobe glyphs--, and another one
for `exotic users' whose language _requires_ faked glyphs (not
mentionning the remaining ones that are simply `unfakable' and bound to
print pages of black boxes...).

« P.S. I am sorry this has taken us so far away from the documentation
« for fontinst, but maybe it will clarify some font related issues
« as a side effect.

maybe _i_ should be sorry ;-)
   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr