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Re: `.vf's, `.enc's, `.tfms', MMs, and problems with fontinst...

Thierry Bouche writes:
 > in any case, fontinst does handle the job, but you could need to
 > recompile virtex.. Also vftovp will need to be enlarged to deal with
 > all these LIG/Kerns entries... life is hard.

web2c 7.1 and later already has an enlarged vftovp (i put in this
request back in February because of fontinst), and the TeX memory size
can be reconfigured at runtime. no more recompilation. Since this
setup runs under Unix, MSDOS, and win32 (with Amiga coming soon), only
the Maccies are left out (and I expect CMacTeX will follow along).

not that i want to promote web2c over other systems, but if you *do*
use public domain TeXs[1], you might as well have the best.... 


[1] the shareware OzTeX, and the commercial Y&Y TeX, already have
configurable, and dynamic, memory respectively, of course. Though I am
not sure if *all* Y&YTeX memory expands ad lib.