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Re: What's the relationship between vfs and tfms?


   > It is actually hard to reencode a TT font. (2) If you consider
   > different platforms then indeed the T1 font has several different encodings
   > (Windows ANSI, Mac standard roman, ISO Latin 1), as does a TT font
   > (except that many TT fonts do not have the required tables - e.g. Apple's TT
   > fonts lack the Windows tables).

   Richard Kinch has written a small tool which makes it easy to manipulate
   the encoding tables of TT fonts (it is freely available). Unfortunately I
   forgot the name of this tool.

It's called TTFEDIT if I recall correctly.  You have to send him email
to get it.  Note that this does not provide `on the fly' reencoding,
it permanently alters the font file (and affects all uses of that font
on the system it is installed).  Just the kind of thing people have been
objecting to earlier in this thread when the FMP was mentioned.

Regards, Berthold.
DISCLAIMER: respondent has connections with Y&Y :-)

(*) In Windows NT, DVIWindo *can* in fact reencode TT fonts `on the fly'
    But that is limited to NT which is the only platform that supports
    TT really well.