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Re: How should one handle condensed etc., variants?

Sebastian wrote --

> I think Melissa and Rowland are pushing at an open door. Frank
> Mittelbach is quite aware that a new NFSS would have more axes, and no
> doubt LaTeX3 will be an improvement in some way. but the chances of
> changing LaTeX2e's NFSS are minute, IMHO.

... and his HO is absolutely correct there.

> You need to keep making the point to the LaTeX 3 developers, is what I
> am saying, not preaching to the converted here

But please make ypur point with a well-thought through plan of how things
should be handled.

Also think about what should be provided at the TeX macro-level and
what should be provided within the executable program (and lobby
Omega/e-TeX about the latter).