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Re: diatribe

i've just read the comment about it being impossible to print the
output of amsfndoc.tex:

    There will be no such problem if everyone has a full distribution
    of AMS fonts in T1 format. But if one can not even view or print
    the document (amsfndoc.tex) come with the standard AMS/PS
    distribution, there is a problem.

several things here:

 - the ams fonts are in ot1 format; they will never be in t1 format,
   but for amsfndoc.tex it should not matter.

 - i am trying to investigate exactly what fonts are needed for this
   document, but have not yet completed that.  it may well be true
   that different sizes are needed than are available among the type 1
   fonts in the ams/blue sky/y&y collection, and if that is true, then
   we will try to remedy the problem.

 - if such a bug is found, *please* report it to tech-support@ams.org
   and not just to a discussion list.  although various members of the
   ams technical support staff subscribe to many of the tex-related
   lists, our coverage is by no means exhaustive, and we could very
   well miss something.  a direct request to the tech-support address
   (as requested in the documentation) *will* get a response.

Barbara Beeton
Technical Support
Electronic Products and Services
American Mathematical Society
Phone: 800-321-4AMS (321-4267) or 401-455-4080
Internet: tech-support@ams.org