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How to load lucida font to Latex?

hello experts:

I need to use lucida font, I go to  CTAN , look in


download these 3 files:

plcr.afm  plcr.tfm  plcr.vf

(the adobe font metric, the tex font metric and the virtual font.

so far so good. I made no mistakes so far, right?

Now, I have these 3 nice little files sitting in my directory, in my
TEXINPUT path, but how do I use this font in my Latex document?

my understanding is that I need a font description file (.fd) generated
for this font? I tried the \newfont command, but dvips was not happy,
I tried the NFSS and \selectfont commands but Latex is not happy.

Can someone tell me how to load a font into Latex if all one has is
these 3 files? what should I actually type in my document to do this?
Are there some package to do that?

Nasser Abbasi