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Re: Feature request for DVIPS... (at the last minute?)

At 04:10 PM 97/12/17 -0800, Melissa O'Neill wrote:

>It'd be really neat if DVIPS called a MakeTeXPFA script that could
>attempt to provide the necessary font if DVIPS couldn't find it. This
>would make it possible to use DVIPS with something like Eddie Kohler's
>mmpfb program to generate stand-alone MM instances on the fly (these
>could then pass through DVIPS's usual font subsetting machinery).

I am curious whether this will lead to accurate metric files in the case
of Jenson and Kepler.  Given the comments on David Lemon.

>As things stand right now, printing with multiple master fonts can be
>problematic since they're difficult subset properly -- a single font
>can be shared by multiple instances. Thus, another useful fix would be
>to get DVIPS's font subsetting machinery to work correctly with
>multiple-master fonts ...

DVIPSONE does partial font downloading of MM fonts :-).  
Pretty  handy given that MM PFB files tend to be large...


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