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Re: Round-off errors in metrics & fontinst/finst status...

Sebastian wrote --

> it *is* practical now to switch all uses of "latex" to "lambda", although
> I would not be surprised if the output was not *identical*. What is
> considerably harder is to switch to a 16 bit world overnight.

Onr reason for perhaps not being in a hurry to do this is that latex
is more likely in the medium term to develop to make use of etex
features rather than omega ones; although, of course, we should much
prefer to use an eotex(??) that was a robust and stable product with the
features (properly developed) of both.

>  > In chronological order:
>  > (a) we develop
>  > (b) we test
>  > (c) we make available
>  > (d) we document
>  > Now we are between (a) and (b), eventually (c) thanks to TeX Live 3 :-}
> some people would put (d) before (a)....

Like sebastian always does:-)?