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Re: Future of the `Karl Berry Font Naming Scheme'...

Pierre MacKay writes:
> I dutifully create ai least one symbolic link to a KB font name
> so that I can speak to the outside world---the 200m installations
> that Nelson Beebe has suggested still exist.  

How many of those using TeX on 8+3 machines are using esoteric
PostScript fonts *and* writing in Plain TeX or some other TeX scheme
that lacks the LaTeX2e's New Font Selection Scheme *and* interchanging
their TeX source files with other machines that don't support Karl
Berry's `texfonts.map' file? Not 200 million. And those are the conditions
you need for what you locally name your fonts to matter.

But, much much more to the point, and the point Pierre seems to miss
in each of his mailings is that for some of the fonts I'm using, the
Karl Berry name is *not* an 8+3 name. In this case, the naming scheme
seems like it looses its raison d'etre.