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LY1 & 8r Encodings unsound!?!?

As many of you know, I've been playing with TFM files, Encodings and
the like lately. Imagine my surprise then, when I found that some
files that I'd made perfectly printable PostScript from, using a
slight variant of the LY1 encoding wouldn't make good PDF. When viewed
on a Macintosh, the ff and fl ligatures were missing, and so were the
quote characters.

To investigate further, I made some Encoding test files, not with TeX,
but based on some handwritten PostScript I had, which draws a table
with all the characters in the encoding. When I did this, I found that
the PDF made from both the TexBase1 encoding and the TeXnANSI encoding
didn't view correctly on the Macintosh Acrobat reader (although it
printed fine).

I've put my various test files (PS and PDF) on my web site, in
``http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~oneill/personal/encodings/''. If you want to
view them on your own Mac, bear in mind that you *must* quit Acrobat
Exchange between each PDF file, because one file can influence the

This looks like a horrible bug in Acrobat Exchange 3.01 for the
Macintosh (and so clearly not our fault), and it's certainly a bug that
doesn't always show up. Nevertheless, that it shows up at all seems
like a problem, and casts a shadow of doubt over both these encodings.

Concerned, and seeking wisdom,


P.S. Adobe's PDFDocEncoding, which also gives access to the standard 228
glyphs in a regular PostScript font doesn't seem to exhibit the bug.

P.P.S. In both TexBase1 and TeXnAnsi the `florin' character should appear
beneath `s' in the table. If it isn't, you're seeing the Acrobat bug.