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Re: More on 5+3+3 font name abbreviations


Th Macintosh font file name is derived from the PostScript FontName,
*not* the PostScript FullName by the 5+3+3+... algorithm. Breaks
occur at upper case letters and at hyphens.  Hyphens are discarded.
(This is also the algorithm used in AFMtoTFM for internal recording of
some sort of `Font ID').

I suppose if you are going to roll your own you can use any algorithm
you like, its just that PS FontNames have been *designed* not to 
collide when abbreviated this way.  The same may not be true of PS

Each font has many names.   For example:

Font file name (which may be different on different platforms) e.g. tib
FontName		e.g. Times-Bold
FullName		e.g. Times Bold
Font Menu name and style	e.g. Times, BOLD
TeX TFM file name

Regards, Berthold

By the way, I am not sure where the collisions you report would come from:

>and now using all the name parts, I find many fewer collisions:

>2 collisions, 1023 font names:

> 2 HelveObl                     [Helvetica Oblique]
>                                [Helvetica.Black Oblique]

HelveObl  versus HelveBlaObl ???

> 2 Lucia                        [Lucia]
>                                [Lucian]

>6 collisions, 97 font names:

> 4 CoppeGotThiBC                [Copperplate Gothic Thirty BC]
>                                [Copperplate Gothic Thirty-One BC]
>                                [Copperplate Gothic Thirty-Three BC]
>                                [Copperplate Gothic Thirty-Two BC]

CoppeGotThiBC, CopperGotThiOneBC CopperGotThiThrBC CopperGotThiTwoBC ???

> 2 BodonBol                     [Bodoni Bold]
>                                [Bodoni BoldItalic]

BodonBol versus BodonBolIta ???

> 3 CoppeGotThiAB                [Copperplate Gothic Thirty AB]
>                                [Copperplate Gothic Thirty-One AB]
>                                [Copperplate Gothic Thirty-Two AB]

CoppeGotThiAB, CoppeGotThiOneAB, CoppeGothThiTwoAB ???

Berthold K.P. Horn
Cambridge, MA		mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu