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Re: modes 3.3 available

> I have released version 3.3 of modes.mf.  You can get it by anonymous ftp from
> New mode for the LaserJet 5, various alias name and dpi corrections.

I was just about to post a request for a new mode, not for the LJ5 models 
which seem happy with laserjetfour (at least as far as I can tell) but for the 
new LJ4000 series which have a 1200 dpi mode.

At the moment I'm using the mode for the ultre mode for it but I've no idea 
what parameters to tweak to get best output.  I'm using laserjetfour for it in 
600 dpi mode which probably isn't right either.

Since the LJ5 seems to have been replaced by the LJ4000, I expect it to be a 
common request over the next few months...

 -- Jon Peatfield

Jon Peatfield,  DAMTP,  Computer Officer,   University of Cambridge
Telephone: +44 1223  3 37852    Mail: J.S.Peatfield@damtp.cam.ac.uk