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fontname name for Caslon Book BE?

I've tried to find out what this might be, and it seems that Karl Berry has
not defined a name for this fount (and relatives):

251_300/295/QXB_____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Bold
251_300/295/QXI_____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Italic
251_300/295/QXM_____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Medium
251_300/295/QXRG____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Regular
251_300/296/QXBOF___.AFM CaslonBookBE-BoldOsF
251_300/296/QXBXP___.AFM CaslonBookBE-BoldExp
251_300/296/QXIOF___.AFM CaslonBookBE-ItalicOsF
251_300/296/QXIXP___.AFM CaslonBookBE-ItalicExp
251_300/296/QXMSC___.AFM CaslonBookBE-MediumSC
251_300/296/QXMXP___.AFM CaslonBookBE-MediumExp
251_300/296/QXRGX___.AFM CaslonBookBE-RegularExp
251_300/296/QXSC____.AFM CaslonBookBE-RegularSC

But he gives ca as the name for Caslon, and Caslon Openface has pcarl8r as
the defined name.

Is it reasonable to name the CaslonBookBE founts as Caslon (pcar and so
on), or should a new name be defined for them?

Given that the only other Adobe Caslon founts I can find do have names
defined in the fontname scheme (Adobe Caslon, ac; Caslon224, c2; Caslon3,
c3; and Caslon540, c5), and given that all `cX' names are taken bar cj, I
think it makes sense to use ca for Caslon Book BE.

And I'm a bit lost as to what to fontname name to give to:

FontName CaslonBookBE-MediumSC
FullName Caslon Book BE Medium Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures
FamilyName Caslon Book BE

Should this be: pcamc?  If not, what?  pcamcj?  pcamjc?

Any comments?