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fontinst oddity

I've just tried installing the Goudy founts using fontinst, and I've come
across something curious.

The em dash --- and en dash -- are rendered correctly in T1 encoding, but
in OT1 encoding, they are wrong: the OT1 en dash is rendered as two
hyphens, and the em dash is rendered as three hyphens.  In this fount, the
hyphen character is not horizontal, this is really rather strange looking.

Can anyone explain what's going on, and how it might be fixed?

Thanks in advance,

The fontinst file I used to install the founts is this:

\input fontinst.sty
%% Added transformations needed to cope with 8r encoding
\transformfont{pgyr8r} {\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{pgyr8a}}}
\transformfont{pgyb8r} {\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{pgyb8a}}}
\transformfont{pgyx8r} {\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{pgyx8a}}}
\transformfont{pgyh8r} {\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{pgyh8a}}}
%% fudge oblique from roman, bold, heavy, and extra bold
%% fudge italic from roman
%  \transformfont{pgyri8r}{\slantfont{167}{\frommtx{pgyr8r}}}
%% fudge italic from extra bold
\installfamily{T1} {pgy}{}
\installfamily{8r} {pgy}{}
% begin Goudy install
% Roman
       \installfont {pgyr8t}  {pgyr8r, latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{m}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgyr7t}  {pgyr8r, latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{m}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgyrc8t} {pgyr8r, latin} {T1c}   {T1}  {pgy}{m}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgyrc7t} {pgyr8r, latin} {OT1ctt}{OT1} {pgy}{m}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgyro8t} {pgyro8r,latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{m}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgyro7t} {pgyro8r,latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{m}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgyri8t} {pgyri8r,latin} {T1i}   {T1}  {pgy}{m}{it}{}
       \installfont {pgyri7t} {pgyri8r,latin} {OT1itt}{OT1} {pgy}{m}{it}{}
% Bold
       \installfont {pgyb8t}  {pgyb8r, latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{b}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgyb7t}  {pgyb8r, latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{b}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgybc8t} {pgyb8r, latin} {T1c}   {T1}  {pgy}{b}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgybc7t} {pgyb8r, latin} {OT1ctt}{OT1} {pgy}{b}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgybo8t} {pgybo8r,latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{b}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgybo7t} {pgybo8r,latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{b}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgybi8t} {pgybi8r,latin} {T1i}   {T1}  {pgy}{b}{it}{}
       \installfont {pgybi7t} {pgybi8r,latin} {OT1itt}{OT1} {pgy}{b}{it}{}
% Heavyface
       \installfont {pgyh8t}  {pgyh8r, latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{hv}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgyh7t}  {pgyh8r, latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{hv}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgyhc8t} {pgyh8r, latin} {T1c}   {T1}  {pgy}{hv}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgyhc7t} {pgyh8r, latin} {OT1ctt}{OT1} {pgy}{hv}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgyho8t} {pgyho8r,latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{hv}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgyho7t} {pgyho8r,latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{hv}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgyhi8t} {pgyhi8r,latin} {T1i}   {T1}  {pgy}{hv}{it}{}
       \installfont {pgyhi7t} {pgyhi8r,latin} {OT1itt}{OT1} {pgy}{hv}{it}{}
% Extrabold
       \installfont {pgyx8t}  {pgyx8r, latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{eb}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgyx7t}  {pgyx8r, latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{eb}{n} {}
       \installfont {pgyxc8t} {pgyx8r, latin} {T1c}   {T1}  {pgy}{eb}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgyxc7t} {pgyx8r, latin} {OT1ctt}{OT1} {pgy}{eb}{sc}{}
       \installfont {pgyxo8t} {pgyxo8r,latin} {T1}    {T1}  {pgy}{eb}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgyxo7t} {pgyxo8r,latin} {OT1tt} {OT1} {pgy}{eb}{sl}{}
       \installfont {pgyxi8t} {pgyxi8r,latin} {T1i}   {T1}  {pgy}{eb}{it}{}
       \installfont {pgyxi7t} {pgyxi8r,latin} {OT1itt}{OT1} {pgy}{eb}{it}{}
% end Goudy install