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Re: Accessing characters outside of OT1 or T1?

Alan Shutko asked:

> On another note, is there any convenient way to get access to the
> other characters in the expert font?  (ie, not just ligatures and
> osfs, but the superior and inferior digits, etc.)

Don't know about a convenient way. While designing the TS1 encoding I 
suggested to add also a TSA encoding where all those characters from Adobe
expert fonts can live which aren't covered by T1/TS1.

The reason for not having them in TS1 is that I think that TeX does the 
right thing: It takes the letters from a smaller font and raises/lowers 
them. You can even tune the size ratio between base letters and raised 
letters in TeX. A font cannot give you this kind of flexibility.

Also, the superiors have strange gaps in their encoding. You always will 
hit missing superior letters while typesetting real documents.

Unfortunately noone has yet taken the task to write down a TSA encoding.

--J"org Knappen