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Type1 on Macs

 *** Outline fonts for TeX in the Macintosh world ***

    The situation seems increasingly and needlessly (!?)
complex. There are three Macintosh variants in use:

 --- pure Adobe Type1 (and maybe some tiny bitmaps for 4pt
size and below) This requires ATM for screen display, but
ATM is available free with Acrobat Reader. This variant
was used by Textures and by Adobe for many years and
continues to work very well for Textures, OzTeX, and (I
believe) DirectTeX.

 --- Type1 for printer output, and truetype for screen.
A bulky solution currently used by OzTeX (why?).

 --- Pure (!?) truetype (maybe not yet supported by OzTeX?)
This variant is used currently by Textures.  It 
presumably involves truetype ==> type1 conversion
on printing.

     All this seems to me a weird and costly waste of
energy especially for a platform that seems now committed
to the Adobe norms. The Mac platform does not have
resources and talent to spend on futile devellopment.

     I hope someone can clarify what is really happening
(I must have fouled up some of the niceties). What is the
reasonable path out of this mangrove swamp? 

     Finally, what are the existing tools able to 
construct these three format variants from unix or pc
type1 binaries, and inversely.

                Larry Siebenmann