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Re: bakoma tfms: Checksum mismatch

>At 04:31 PM 98/03/24 +0100, Stefano Frabetti wrote:
>>I have bakoma installed, so I have checked the tfm files of bakoma
>>against those of cm and the following were reported as differing by
>Why would you use other than the TFMs you already have?
>The Type 1 versions of the fonts supposedly have identical
>metrics to the MetaFont/PK versions.

I've used the original tfms created from CM mf files with both the BaKoMa
TrueType founts and the CM/PS Type 1 founts with no apparent problems.

>>1.  Is it possible that tex uses bakoma's tfm and xdvi cm's, or the other
>>way round and this be the cause of the warnings?  ---
>A dangerous situation when the DVI processor sees different
>TFM files than TeX.  Which is why I prefer DVI processors
>that do not need to refer to TFM files (after all, the font
>knows its metrics).

This is a bad idea because the virtual fount mechanism allows you to
construct glyphs that are made of more than one glyph from the `real'
fount, and also to create special effects by telling TeX that the metrics
for any given glyph are different to those in the `real' fount
(letterspacing small caps is one example I've met recently).  So the
metrics in the `real' fount are not necessarily any use at all.  On top of
that, I have some (shareware and free) founts which clearly have some sort
of bug regarding metrics and do not display correctly when I use them with
wysiwyg applications - glyphs overlap and things like that.  I have never
met any such bug in the companion afm files, so I can use the founts in TeX
with no problem.

And, of course, pk founts do not contain metrics - not all fount files
contain metrics.