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Mac Acrobat Reader bugs

     Dear PDF users,

     In a posting that accidentally went to
math-font-discuss@cogs.susx.ac.uk in March 1988 I complained that
widely circulated TUGIndia issue lacked ligatured Times
characters when viewed with Macintosh Acrobat Reader 3.0.  The
affair fizzled when I discovered that Macintosh Acrobat Reader
3.01 restores the missing characters.

     Melissa O'Neill <NoOnSePiAlMl@cs.sfu.ca> has posted on


It contains enbedded subsetted type1 Bookman fonts. It seemingly
illustrates the same phenomenon with respect to missing
ligature characters, like fl fi ff etc.  She reasonably talks of
encoding problems since a ligatured character is just a character
to PDF(!?).

     Although this appears to be a problem very similar to the 
TUGIndia problem, IT EXISTS UNDER Macintosh Acrobat Reader
3.01.  This is definitely a 3.01 bug.  

     However (get this!) test.pdf does NOT misbehave under
Macintosh Acrobat Reader 3.0 (PPC and 6800 checked).  

     NB. No local Bookman on my Macs to confuse the issue!!!

     Neither my bug nor Melissa's bites on a Pentium
under Windows95. Nor inder NT as Berthold reported.

     Is Macintosh Acrobat Reader going in circles? 

     Is PDF portable --- between systems? --- between Reader

     I certainly recommend all of Melissa's examples to
Adobe's attention.

                Larry Siebenmann

NB.  Louis Vosloo examined different files in his recent report.