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At 8:56 am -0400 11/5/98, Ali Gokce wrote:

>   I checked the file extensions, (.fd, .tfm, .vf and some dvips files)
>and copied them to folders which includes files of same type. When i tried
>typesetting afterwards i got a DVI document with green fonts and strange
>characters. Typetter gave warnings like " /phv/ (/pzd?/ etc.) not found,
>using /cmr/ instead. I searched files with cmr* and found a lot of
>(apperantly font) files. Hence;
>1. Am i missing some font files only? Is it going to be OK if i put these
>font files into my PCTex32 folder ? And where can i find these fonts from?

You need the actual Type 1 printer fount files (pfb files) somewhere.  From
the sound of it, you most likely have all the TeX and LaTeX files you need.

btw, normal `Metafont' founts used with LaTeX are *not* Type 3 founts.
They are entirely different, but are converted to Type 3 founts when
included in a ps or pdf file.  There is no problem with using them in a ps
file; if you render pk files at the correct resolution, they print
perfectly.  pdf is a different matter.

>2. When are type 1 fonts important, during typesetting or during
>conversion to ps format by dvips ?

TeX knows nothing about `real' founts; it's just concerned with the tfm files.

dvips can produce a ps file without your computer having the Type 1 fount
files.  The only time you need the Type 1 printer founts is when you're
displaying on screen or printing.

If you don't have the Type 1 printer fount files installed on your
computer, one solution is to go dvi->ps->pdf, and use Acrobat Reader to
view the result.  It has (I think) got the required founts built in.
Alternatively, you could view the ps file with Ghostview, which certainly
*does* come with the needed founts.  All PS printers contain the founts you

>3. Are there PC versions of dvips ?

Yes.  One version is here: