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Re: HP LJ 4000 MF modes

dr J Renkema <jrenkema@worldonline.nl> tastet:
> >I have also been looking at the ljfzzz mode with the printer in ProRes
> >mode.  The print is heavier than the T1 fonts (in ProRes or FastRes mode).
> >Its print is comparable to PK fonts made with ljfivemp mode prited on
> >the hp4000 though.

> Hi, I don't understand blacker, 0. With this value the output of the ec
> fonts is much to light.

Hi again.

I have now checked some more.  "blacker, 0" appears to be the correct value.
If you compare a ecrm1000 pk font generated with the prores mode I submitted
with cmr10 type1 font on the hp4000 you will see that they are visualy
identical, as they are supposed to be to the best of my knowledge.

The ecrm1000 prores mode already in modes.mf produces significantly bolder
glyphs than the cmr10 type1 font.

If you would please print and compare
http://www.uio.no/~nil/testfont-ljfzzz.ps (blacker, 2) and
http://www.uio.no/~nil/testfont-ljfzzzjanl.ps (blacker, 0)

Also, a pk font (say cmr10) generated with "blacker, 0" is identical in
apperance to the same type1 font while the "blacker, 2" pk font is, as
in the ec example too bold.

All this is, of course, assuming that the bsr type1 fonts produce the
correct output...