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Re: fontinst mailing list?

Concernant « Re: fontinst mailing list? », Melissa O'Neill écrit : «
» Sorry Rowland, I wasn't even aware there *was* a fontinst mailing list.
» Sometimes I wonder just how specific these things need to become anyway.
» Maybe there should be a `fontinst-for-those-wanting-to-do-advanced-math-
» font-installation-and-have-managed-to-aquire-copies-of-tex-unbound-and-
» the-latex-graphics-companion-and-even-know-good-deal-about-how-to-learn-
» interesting-things-about-a-font's-metrics-using-postscript-code' mailing
» list. It might even get two people.

& i'd be one of them for sure ;-)

if you're subscribed, you simply mail to <fontinst@cogs.susx.ac.uk>,
if you're not, you simply ask Alan Jeffrey to subscribe you

i realized recently that i was subscrided with an email address i have
not checked for almost one year, and that i missed about 4 mails, of
whose one of them (about Tcshishold's recommandations) i was sorry to

Th. B.