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Re: fontinst mailing list?

I wrote:
>> Maybe there should be a `fontinst-for-those-wanting-to-do-advanced-math-
>> font-installation-and-have-managed-to-aquire-copies-of-tex-unbound-and-
>> the-latex-graphics-companion-and-even-know-good-deal-about-how-to-learn-
>> interesting-things-about-a-font's-metrics-using-postscript-code' mailing
>> list. It might even get two people.

Sebastian Rahtz replied:
> i can think of 4


Seriously though, I think that the TeX-fonts mailing list is
sufficiently low traffic that it would probably be beneficial for it
to carry fontinst specific messages, rather than having those messages
partitioned off onto a separate list. For example, Thierry Bouche
speaks of missing a message about Tcshishold's recommendations, which
doesn't seem very specific to fontinst to me.

I guess I'll have to subscribe to the fontinst list too. Any way of
getting prior messages?


P.S. Work on my own Perl-based font installation tools has been held
up by needing to actually make tangible process towards completing my
PhD (and by the fact that they work well enough for my own use). I
could release what I've done so far, but because of their very limited
VF support [largely because I've not decided how to do VF support
elegantly], they aren't ready to make T1 encoded fonts so I'm
reluctant to release any code until I sort out such things.  But, on a
positive note I've recently figured out how to find out interesting
metric information about the superscript and subscript areas of a
glyph which may eventually allow some automagic kind of math font
metric generation.