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Re: fontname codes for variants (was: fontname code for scaled variant)

Concernant « fontname codes for variants (was: fontname code for scaled variant) », Melissa O'Neill écrit : «
» On this issue too, I'm left wonderinging if there is any standardization
» for names. If not, I'd like to suggest we reserve 0 and 1 for this
» purpose and use some other letter for scaled variants.

these one are usefull. BTW, with expert & MM fonts what do you prefer:
optically scaled superiors or the expert ones? :-)

» (i.e. xheight & capheight) matching. In a line of 12 point Minion or
» Kepler, 12 point Myriad looks oversized and out of place, whereas 11
» point Myriad fits well. Thus, it is useful to have an 11/12 scaled Myriad
» available so that when TeX asks for 12 point Myriad, it's really getting
» 11 point.

ok now i understand what you want & get yet more puzzled: are you
using latex & the nfss?

If you simply want to systematically scale linearly one font family in
a document, here is what i do: create a new FD file.

 For instance i use here every day Univers with
Utopia [my Utopia _is_ scaled down to the x-height of CM, to be usable
with latex's default layout, btw...] : for it i have a normal
t1pun.fd, plus a customized one, called t1punut  (univers for utopia),
that reads:

   <-> s * [.85] punr8t


This makes your `variant' useless (which seems normal to me because,
as any software is able to scale linearly the metrics, there is no
qualitative difference between pmr8t at 10bp or at 11/12bp!

BTW, having two families may be handy, because you're usually happy
to have a sans serif font at its normal size (with its larger
x-height) in headings where they look visually appealing (especially
to anglo-saxons with fraktur reminiscence), and an other version,
scaled down  to the x-height of the serif face used, for font
variations in the running text.


Having systematically variant names for encoding design decision is
probably impossible, not even wishable? 

I'm thinking of my UtopiaText/LucidaNewMath+CMmath/Univers/CMtt layout. 
When you're doing that you necessarily scale appropriately some fonts,
but not the other etc. I for instance align in the math the caps to
Utopia caps, & the lowercase to Utopia lowercases, so i refer twice ti
Lucida, with 2 scales, and so on... that can't be standardized!