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Re: TeX fonts in framemaker

Ian Patrick Sobieski writes:
> I am using Adobe Framemaker and have successfully used the CMR family of
> fonts from my previous TeX folder. However; I get an error when loading
> Framemaker that there is an error in the font family (I can tell you which
> one if it will help) and the results is that I do not have a curly bracket
> {  and that the superscript sizing is messed up. Can you point me to where
> I can get a new set of cmr fonts or how to fix this problem.

The (free) Computer Modern fonts are mainly intended for use within
TeX.  If you want to use a font that looks like Computer Modern, but
is a general purpose font, I'd recommend the European Modern fonts
>From Y&Y. They do cost money, but then so does Framemaker and so do
other quality fonts.

But, I'm curious as to why you would want to use Computer Modern in
the first place. Personally, I'd not use Computer Modern (except
perhaps CMTT) unless I absolutely had to.


P.S. When sending e-mail, it helps to set a meaninful subject line.
Also, it probably would have helped to give details on the exact error
message from Framemaker and the font in question -- remember, we aren't
(necessarily) Framemaker experts here.