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CM in FrameMaker


At 05:07 PM 6/17/98 -0700, Ian Patrick Sobieski wrote:

>I am using Adobe Framemaker and have successfully used the CMR family of
>fonts from my previous TeX folder. However; I get an error when loading
>Framemaker that there is an error in the font family (I can tell you which
>one if it will help) and the results is that I do not have a curly bracket
>{  and that the superscript sizing is messed up. Can you point me to where
>I can get a new set of cmr fonts or how to fix this problem.

The CM fonts have a rather small complement of useful glyphs (< 127
compared to the
typical 228) and a somewhat bizarre character layout.  The CM text fonts do
not have
{}, using those slots for other things like endash etc.

The European Modern (EM) fonts in Type 1 format are based on CM, but have
a much larger character set (> 310) and can be used as real text fonts (i.e.
with a normal character layout) so you would not have those problems.

They are commercial, however, see


Regards, Berthold Horn

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