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Re: DTC web site?

I strongly suspect that DTC has bit the corporate dust.

I have a selection of DTC fonts, but I doubt that the
very selective lot I got included Univers.

If what you want is a Adobe type1 font, the Bitstream 500 font
disk is a good bet.  The only problem is that Bitstream may
be forced by trademark legislation to disguise the name.
For example, could you easily recognize that Bitstream Dutch801
was really Times?

The other possibility is AGFA.  They recently took over the entire
Compugraphic family, and though they abruptly cancelled production
of any family that might really add to our font resources, I doubt
that they would have cancelled anything as well-known as Univers.

Try querying tex-fonts
Try querying tex-fonts@math.utah.edu.  This is by far the most
informed site for such information.  Even if your original document
used DTC versions of Univers, you will probably be happier with
a more mainstream version of the style.  

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