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New: massive index of font name to vendor mappings

Following a request on the tex-fonts list this morning for a
particular font, I felt that it would be useful to take the large
amount of font data that I've been accumulating, and prepare a master
index relating font names to vendors, so that someone who is looking
for font XYZ can easily find it.

I'm pleased to announce that this holiday project is now complete, and
automated so that it is guaranteed to be up-to-date.  Take a look at


where you'll find mappings for 7870 fonts from 11 vendors.

Since the contents of this archive are indexed by Web indexers, such
as DEC's http://altavista.digital.com/, once the crawler reaches my
site again, this index should be readily locatable even if you lose
the above link.

If any of you know of PostScript Type 1 fonts that are not covered in
my archives, please correspond with me privately so we can collaborate
on getting them properly indexed.

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