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Re: Problems with PS-times

At 2:54 pm +0200 4/8/98, nhbipitz wrote:
>I tried to install the adobe-PS fontfiles of the times-package but
>received an error message from TeX. I wrote my text in 12pt but TeX only
>finds the 8pt TFM-files and is not able to scale the font to 12pt. Maybe
>you know what's the problem and can give me help.

You might try asking this question on the comp.text.tex newsgroup.  But...
Which files *precisely* have you installed?  And what exactly do you mean
by `installed'?  That is, which files precisely have you put where?  If you
have used the files in macros/latex/packages/psnfss/ (from CTAN), there are
no 8pt tfms for Times, and TeX will be happy producing output in any size.