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Re: TrueType font naming scheme

>   [snip]
>   >The main question is: Should we treat TrueType and PostScript fonts
>   >identically?
>   At a guess, yes.  I'm using the stanard PSNFSS support to print with the
>   Truetype founts that came with my Mac and HP printer, and it all seems to
>   work okay.
>Can you explain this further? Which program do you use for converting

I don't; or rather, I use the Truetype rendering engine built in to the OS
which is called by the dvi driver when needed.  It requires no user
intervention or thought.

> Can you send an example .fd-file?

What I do is use the tfm, vf, and fd files that come with the PSNFSS


But rather than have the dvi driver select a PS Type 1 version of (say)
Times Roman when it sees a reference to ptmr8r, I tell it to use a Truetype
version.  Here is a line from OzTeX's config file:

tfm       PS Type 1            Truetype   re-mapping file for TT output
ptmr8r    8r-Times-Roman       Times      Mac8r.enc

(the PS Type 1 entry is in fact ignored; OzTeX now uses the dvips
configuration files for its Postscript output).

(I'm using a Macintosh Performa 475 running System 7.6.1 with OzTeX 3.0 and
printing to a 300dpi inkjet (HP DeskWriter 520))

Does this explain things well enough?