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metafont base

Hello people!

	I'm trying MetaFont, I work on Windows NT, I have WinZip and the file
mf.zip from GTEX in the CTAN. When I expand the zip file, I get some files
and directories (the mf.exe says: "This is METAFONT, Version 2.718 (gTeX
distribution 2.2)", and prompt: **). In the mfbase directory, there are to
MSDOS-macros, cm.bat and plain.bat, to create the base files. But when I
try them, give me the error:  
		! I can't read mf.pool.

	And that it because I have only a "mf.poo" file, but when I rename or copy
it into mf.pool, they still give me the same error. It is the same if I
copy it in the directory of the file mf.exe.

	Does anyone of you know how to get the base files, or the .pool file or
another MetaFont version that run under MS-DOS or Windows NT?  Please,
please, tell me any idea that could help me to begin!

	Thanks a lot of and happy weekend!