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Font religion (was: How can I check for ...)

Rowland wrote:
>>>but they do exist in the bitmapped NFNT fonts,
>>If the NFNT bitmap does not match the actual font it is wrong.
>>And if it does what is the point of talking about the NFNT?
>What about FOND resources?  Anyway, some Mac founts *do* contain those
>glyphs I mentioned.  Geneva is one, I think.  Chicago certainly has some
>strange glyphs.
The FOND resources only contain metric information and mapping information.
They roughly fulfill the equivalent functions to what FD, TFM, and dvips
.map files do in a (La)TeX system. To get something to show the user, the
system needs a NFNT bitmap or Truetype outline. (I think ATM works by
rendering bitmaps for the system whenever one at a new size is needed.)

As for the resolution debate: New Mac screens have resolutions > 72dpi. The
only remainders of the fixed 72dpi resolution seems to be that
(i) when many WYSIWYG programs says that you view something at 100%, you
actually view it at the magnification where 1 pixel = 1bp and
(ii) Mac programs are good at not assuming that the screen has a specific
size (in pixels) :-).

/Lars Hellström