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Re: Printing problem (Conflicting font name?)


At 12:54 PM 10/13/98 +0100, Lars Hellström wrote:

>Does anyone know if it is a known problem that printing on a PS printer
>using one TeX implementation could cause errors if one later tries to print
>with another?

>The background to my question is an angry bug report (directed to just
>about anyone in sight) one of the professors at our institution made
>earlier today. According to him, he gets incorrect output (blank papers)
>when using Textures to print a document on a printer if someone perviously
>has printed anything on that printer using OzTeX (i.e., dvips).

Seems somewhat unlikely, since the PS interpreter state is reset between jobs.

About the only thing that might have such an effect is something bad in the 
glyph cache.  And this should not happen if a modified font is always registered
under a new name.  Otherwise there can be problems with partial fonts or
reencoded fonts.  For example, if a partial font is registered under the original
name (as the full font) then glyphs that do not occur in the partial font may
- if accessed - produce blanks in the glyph cache for that font.  Which would
affect the next job using that font. 

I would recommend the following test: run DVIPS without
partial font downloading (-j0) and see if the problem can be reproduced
(but first power cycle the printer to clear its cache).

You might want to get more information, such as what type of printer,
which printer driver, and did the DVIPS job use the same fonts as the
Textures job.  I can only assume that both are using Type 1 fonts.

Also seems like BSR technical support might have some information on this.

Regards, Berthold.