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Re: Printing problem (Conflicting font name?)

I just wanted to mension that it seems like partial font downloading is not
the cause of the problems I mensioned, since the dvips in OzTeX does not
seem to do this by default (and knowing my colleagues, none of them are
very likely to have told it to do so either).

The idea about some kind of font management going on seems more likely.
OzTeX and Textures use different PS versions of the Computer Modern fonts
(that is,when you tell OzTeX to use PS fonts, since it uses PK fonts by
default), so if Textures assumes that any font on the printer that has the
same name as one of its own also is exactly that font, then I suppose the
printer would protest if this assumption is not correct.

Perhaps I will get an opportunity to check this tomorrow. The prof. seems
to have calmed down by now. :-)

Lars Hellström