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Dear sir:
I have a problem when I use the mathptm package.
I have installed MikTeX 1.11, with Ghostscript 5.50 and 
Adobe Acrobat 3.0
My problem is with the ZapfChancery font.
I get the following error message:

creating pzcmi8r.pk
Searching FontOutline for ZapfChancery
found 1 match:

c:\texmf\miktex\bin\ps2pk.exe -r -X405 -e TeXBase1Encoding ZapfChancery

Resource c:\gstools\gs5.50\fonts\z003034l.pfb
Resource c:\texmf\fonts\afm\adobe\zapfchan\pzcmi8a.pfm
Resource c:\texmk\dvips\base\8r.enc
Loading encoding vector from TeXBase1Encoding... done
checking type 1 font z0030341.pfb... done
creating character glyphs for z0030341.pfb...
type 1OpenScalable Error (result: -4) on

ps2pk failed on ZapfChancery-MedItalic!
Return code:1

Can you give me some advice to fix my problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Yours sincerely,
Josť A. Facenda
* Jose A. Facenda Aguirre          Phone   (+34 95) 4557978
* Facultad de Matematicas          Fax     (+34 95) 4557972 *         
* Dpto. de Analisis Matematico     E-mail  facenda@cica.es  *    
* Aptdo. 1160. 41080 Sevilla (SPAIN)