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Re: input 39 in ansinew.def

On Thu, 29 October 1998 15:12:05 +0100,
Peter Harmand <harmand@math.uni-oldenburg.de> writes:
 > Could somebody explain to me, why the input character 39 in ansinew.def
 > is left out and why the simple-minded approach
 >   \DeclareInputText{39}{\textquotesingle}
 > is not working?
 > I'm using my personal fontencoding (a corrected and completed version of
 > 8renc.def, which defines \textquotesingle) and a font which contains
 > quotesingle -- so, IHMO, it's not a font encoding problem.

\DeclareInputText is a command of the ``inputenc'' package (correct
usage is e.g. \usepackage[ansinew]{inputenc}), not one of the
`fontenc' package!  Thus your question is not font related.

 > Any comments on the brute force solution?
 > \catcode`\'=\active \chardef'=31
 > %         ^                 ^  this is input character 39
 > % 31 in the position of quotesingle in 8r

You should beware of such a stupid thing, because it can break a lot
of things.  The quote character is used by (La)TeX as a prefix for
octal constants if TeX wants to read a integer number and it is used
in math mode as a prime ($y'$).  ``inputenc'' won't allow to
\DeclareInputText/Math for characters from code 32 upto 126 (and NUL,
^^I, ^^J, ^^L, ^^M) to prevent disastrious results...

Best wishes,
Bernd Raichle                                  "Le langage est source
Autor des `german.sty' (aktuell: v2.5e)         de malentendus"
					       (A. de Saint-Exupery)