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Re: The hyphenchar ligature in T1

At 05:07 PM 11/2/98 +0100, Lars Hellström wrote:

>For a while now, I have been curious about the

>   hyphen (\char45)  +  hyphenchar (\char127)  ->  hyphenchar

>ligature in T1 encoded fonts. I have some questions related to this
>ligature, that I hope someone answer:

This has to do with hanging hyphen implementation.
You want hyphenation at a point where there is a `normal' 
hyphen already to use the hanging hyphen.

The hanging hyphen has half the advance width of the true hyphen
(but has the same shape):

C 45 ; WX 333.252 ; N hyphen ; B 0 0 303.252 430.45 ; L hyphen endash ; L sfthyphen sfthyphen ; 

C 127 ; WX 166.626 ; N sfthyphen ; B 0 0 136.626 430.45 ; 

Regards, Berthold.