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Re: truetype and tex?

"KB" == Karl Berry writes:

 KB> (And no, I'm not interested in shelling out for TrueTeX.)

:-) AFAIK, you can use these fonts in several ways:

* create TFMs with either ttf2tfm from the FreeType contrib/ttf2pk or
  with ttf2afm from pfdtex and then either afm2tfm or fontinst:

	TTF -> [ttf2tfm] -> TFM
	TTF -> [ttf2afm] -> AFM -> [afm2tfm|fontinst] -> TFM

* use truetype fonts directly from pdftex or use ttf2pk to generate

	TTF -> [pdftex] -> PDF
	TTF -> [ttf2pk] -> PK -> dvips -> PS

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.