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Re: Bitstream Charter in TS1 (text companion) encoding

At 10:31 pm +0000 13/11/98, Walter Schmidt wrote:
>Hi Rowland,
>On Fri, 13 Nov 1998 01:13:24 +0000, you wrote:
>> but assuming that it's a normal text
>>fount family, and you've got afms for it, you can create the required files
>>(you need to install fontinst first, but that's just a matter of
>>downloading a directory from CTAN and putting the files on your tex-inputs
>Let me say that I had heard horrible things about fontinst being
>complicated and its documentation being incomplete and obsolete,
>so I was very reluctant to touch this piece of software.

Erm...  In my opinion (and I wrote part of the fontinst 1.8 documentation),
fontinst *is* complicated, and the documentation *is* incomplete.  But...
For simple jobs that can be done using \latinfamily, there's nothing to
worry about really.

Up until earlier on this year, the only available documentation for
fontinst *was* hopelessly out of data.

>Now your advice convinced me to give it a chance, though:
>So I downloaded fontinst, read the documentation (which is
>easy to understand, really great!), did what it told,
>and ... it worked perfectly!

Good news - glad it worked out :-)