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Re: fontnames for Bitstream Univers

On Sat, 28 Nov 1998 19:25:41 +0000, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

>The thing about this is that LaTeX only `knows' two weights: \bfseries
>selects bx, \mdseries selects m, and that's it AFAIK.  



<series> ::= ul | el | l | sl | md | sb | b | eb | ub

See the "LaTeX Companion"!  IMHO it should be possible 
to map the given "font series" sensibly to these.

Even Helvetica has only four "degrees of weight" above the 
regular one, the names being 

"medium" (sic!) - "bold" - "heavy" - "black"

which could be mapped to

"sb" - "b" - "eb" - "ub"

This is a good example, showing that you cannot stick to the 
original FontNames:  What is named "Helvetica medium" is indeed 
something like "semibold", and you cannot map it to what LaTeX 
calls "md".