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Re: fontnames for Bitstream Univers

>> The thing about this is that LaTeX only `knows' two weights: \bfseries
>> selects bx, \mdseries selects m, and that's it AFAIK.  Everything else is
>> an optional and relatively arbitrary extra.
>As described by others, it `knows' several more and can be `taught
>about' any number.

Which other weights are built into LaTeX?  As I understand it, it's only
`m' and 'bx' that are `fitted as standard'. Obviously, one can have any
fount series specified in any given fd file - I'm thinking more of the
author level fount selection commands.

>Obviously we did not fill it up with useless commands that no one will
>ecer use (until now).

Very sensible; although I suspect people have wanted easy access to
\lseries before now.  In fact, I *know* they have - I first did it a year
or two ago and I'm terribly backward.

>But the tools are there for just such ocasions as this: please use
>them, and tell us how you get on.

Well...  I've hacked chunks of code out of the LaTeX source and modified it
to produce stuff like this:


(which lives in a package file of my own devising, as you can probably guess)

I don't see that there's any tools as such that allowed me to do this.
Were you thinking of something different?