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Re: News of AFII: international standard registry of glyphs andtheir identifiers

> <Peter_Constable@sil.org> wrote:
>       There is a final group that this registry might benefit: those
>       that are involved in developing algorithms for rendering of
>       complex scripts (those involving reordering, substitution,
>       etc.) Whatever technologies are used for handling such
>       rendering (state tables in GX, TTO, etc.) the algorithms that
>       do the rendering must operate on glyphs. Now, if there were a
>       font-independent way to refer to glyphs, then an algorithm that
>       has been implemented for a given writing system could
>       potentially be used for any number of fonts that are designed
>       to support that writing system, provided that all of those
>       fonts use the same glyph identifiers assumed in the
>       implementation of the rendering algorithm. This is where I see
>       the biggest potential payoff. That is one reason why our
>       organization will plan to use this registry or, if we find that
>       this really is a lame duck, an equivalent of our own.
At least to me, this sounds pretty similar to what fontinst does. As far as
I know, fontinst has nothing whatsoever to do with unicode, but
standardized glyph names is certainly something it has use for.

Lars Hellström