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Re: ParaGraph fonts

    Therefore I ask to register the names of fonts by Paragraph =
    International listed below.=20

(Sorry for the long-delayed reply.)

Indeed, there are several conflicts between your abbreviations and the
ones assigned some time ago -- for example, `ak' is already Arkona, so I
can't assign it to Academy.  Do you want me to find new abbreviations
for your typefaces, or do you prefer to just go on as you have been?
(That is, it wouldn't make sense for me to find the new abbreviations
unless you or someone is actually going to use them.)

Best wishes,

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 11:30:54 +0600
From: "Igor A. Kotelnikov" <kotelnik@nsu.ru>
To: <tex-fonts@tug.org>
Cc: "Christian Schenk" <cschenk@snafu.de>
Subject: ParaGraph fonts


For a quite long time I have been using fonts produced by the Paragraph =
International to
typeset LaTeX documents in Russian. A year ago or so I renamed the fonts =
to meet the
requirements of K. Berry's scheme. Now, I observe few additions in the =
scheme so that
some of names given by me came into contradiction to the current scheme.

Therefore I ask to register the names of fonts by Paragraph =
International listed below.=20
No doubts, that you have the rights to make any changes in the font =
to avoid possible conflict with other fonts.

I would appreciate prompt reply.

Igor A. Kotelnikov

E-mail address: kotelnik@nsu.ru=20

%%%%%%% THIS IS ParaGraph.map %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
% PS fonts from Paragraph International
takrz  AcademyC               =20
takriz AcademyC-Italic      =20
takbz  AcademyC-Bold                              =20

tagkz  AvantGardeGothicC-Book                 =20
tagkiz AvantGardeGothicC-Oblique             =20
tagdz  AvantGardeGothicC-Demi            =20
tagdiz AvantGardeGothicC-DemiOblique

tbarz  BalticaC      =20
tbariz BalticaC-Italic
tbabz  BalticaC-Bold  =20

tnbrz  NewBaskervilleC-Roman    =20
tnbriz NewBaskervilleC-Italic   =20
tnbbz  NewBaskervilleC-Bold     =20
tnbbiz NewBaskervilleC-BoldItalic

tofkz  OfficinaSerifC-Book     =20
tofkiz OfficinaSerifC-BookItalic
tofbz  OfficinaSerifC-Bold     =20
tofbiz OfficinaSerifC-BoldItalic

tpbrz  PetersburgC      =20
tpbriz PetersburgC-Italic
tpbbz  PetersburgC-Bold =20
tpbbiz PetersburgC-BoldItalic
tpbbuz PetersburgC-BoldItalic

tbkrz  SchoolBookC          =20
tbkriz SchoolBookC-Italic   =20
tbkbz  SchoolBookC-Bold     =20
tbkbiz SchoolBookC-BoldItalic

tssz   StudioScriptC        =20

tzcz   ZapfChanceryC-MediumItalic