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Hi, happy new year &c.!

As I could not coerce AE's author to include the guillemets from wncyr
into the AE fonts as possible alternatives to the EC french
guillemets, people are now trying to use them trhough macros.

However, they're facing a problem with pdftex (which is the main
reason for prefering CM+mlTeX or AE to EC) because the type 1 versions
of wncyr fonts have less available pointsizes than the mf versions.

I think the problem is with the .fd file: there should maybe be some
option somewhere  (similar to amslatex's psamsfont) restricting the
number of used sizes.

This could be made available to all packages through a mechansim like
the "lucidascale" option in the lucidabr package. (namely: declaring
fonts in the FD through some macro defined there with \providecommand,
and tunable from some knowledgeable package).

What do you think? Who is responsible for these files? Where should
the discussion take place?

   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr